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Airbag Suspension Systems for the Classic Cars of Long Beach

Long Beach Classics provides installation of airbag suspension system for classic cars. We provide these services to customers located in Huntington Beach, San Pedro, and Long Beach. These suspension systems on classic cars often experience extreme wear and tear. We install a suspension system that will allow the driver and passengers to experience a smoother ride.

The suspension system will determine the height of the car from the ground. Air suspension systems are similar to a hydraulic system. In reality, it is much safer, and it also performs a better ride.

San Pedro and Huntington Beach’s Classic Car Airbag Suspension Provider

The classic car airbag suspension can be customized when you come to Long Beach Classics to get the work done. Many clients request a custom suspension system that might be either higher or lower than the usual suspension system on most cars. This is why we install special rubber airbags that can fill up with air according to a set of controls available to the car owner. You can raise or lower the car’s suspension based on personal preference. Although low-rider car owners tend to prefer hydraulic systems, we've found that most classic car owners prefer the airbags.

We do two-link, three-link, and four-link suspensions, and we always consult the client to make sure these procedures will get the right result for your needs. This can include fabricating a suspension system that accommodates the airbag system, for example. We might also change out the upper and lower control arms. These are part of the system, and all of the parts and labor are covered under a six-month warranty. This improves customer confidence in these procedures. Other shops might bolt on the suspension system, but we ensure the best quality by welding everything. The entire installation process for an airbag suspension system for a classic car will require about one week.

We offer a free quote on our suspension systems for classic cars, so contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

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